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Individual plated meals

Vitalis One Flex

ISECO Vitalis One

VITALIS One Flex food transport carts are designed to ensure that meals on individual trays are always kept at the correct temperature.





ENERGIS is a user-friendly regeneration oven for individual meals or larger containers. Its stylish design will enhance any dining room or kitchen.



SERELIS is a mobile buffet cart for hot and cold multi-portion food containers. Patients can choose their own meals at the point of service. Each heating shelf is individually thermostatically controlled.


Transport & Storage



NAVIS carts are perfect for cold food distribution, also for truck transport between two different locations.

Navis Caldo

Navis Caldo

NAVIS Caldo was developed to transport hot food, either in bulk or on individual trays.


Beagle 360 Drive


Beagle Mobility is a compact electric mover which is able to tow up to 4 Vitalis One Flex Carts or 4 Navis carts.

Beagle 360 Drive Accessories


Beagle Mobility is a compact electric mover which is able to tow up to 4 Vitalis One Flex Carts or 4 Navis carts.



6 Success Factors

Meal Delivery System Product Information


Quality of Food

Gentle thermocontact rethermalization ensures that food quality, appearance and nutritional value are maintained at a level far superior to convection.

Ease of Use

External refrigeration and CarboFresh® options offer easy-to-manoeuver food carts that require no onboard refrigeration compressor. This reduces the weight of the food cart by up to 50kg. Because thermocontact rethermalization occurs at much lower temperatures than convection, there is virtually no risk to patients or staff of accidental injury from excessively hot trays or plates.


Patented CarboFresh® technology enables refrigeration without the use of electricity, reducing energy use, air conditioning requirements and maintenance costs. Individually thermostatically controlled shelves in our Serelis carts and Energis ovens are an industry exclusive, allowing different foods to be rethermalized at the same time.


Each tray can be programmed individually to the desired temperature ranging from 30 to 190 degrees Celsius. Only trays that are in use are activated.


Quality is our priority. Customers have reported using their food carts for over 20 years.