About Us

Grande Cuisine Systems is the exclusive North American distributor of ISECO regeneration equipment.

Who is GCS

Grande Cuisine Systems Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor of ISECO food delivery carts and ovens, primarily servicing hospitals and long term care facilities. With proven benchmark reliability and energy-efficiency, ISECO thermocontact technology gives the tastiest and healthiest results at mealtime for a much lower operational cost than our competitors. ISECO products are still functioning well after 20 years of daily use.

Our Team

Howard Katz, P.Eng., CEO
Howard is a Professional Engineer with experience in systems management and has been CEO of Grande Cuisine Systems since 2009. Howard has held a number of positions in senior management at Loblaws, National Grocers and Cott Corporation and understands the food delivery industry well.

Howard’s success has resulted from adherence to strongly held beliefs: begin with the end in mind; active participation by all stakeholders in setting strategy and direction; a focus on building relationships with all stakeholders; and development of and adherence to standards.


Michael Flatt, P.Eng., MBA, Executive VP

Michael is a Professional Engineer with an M.B.A who over the past 30 years developed an 85 unit network of property damage restoration contractors across North America. His expertise is in business strategy and execution and the development and management of a wide dealer network, where all adhere to a common platform of deliverable business goals. He has built that network into one of the leading providers of service to insurance companies and policyholders. Michael looks to develop a state of the art distribution network of ISECO products across North America.


Nicole Adelsohn, CFA, VP Marketing

Nicole received a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Studies and her Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Her role at Grande Cuisine Systems Inc.combines Nicole’s passions for marketing and business management.


President's Message

The quality of our products and the customer experience is our priority. At Grande Cuisine Systems, we strive to provide superior service and lower operational costs. If you ever have any questions or comments about any of our ISECO products, you can contact me directly at 416-385-3111 x201.


ISECO is the premier international manufacturer of food distribution carts for hospitals and long term care facilities. They specialize in regeneration of individual and multi-portion meals in cook & serve, cook & chill and cook & freeze operations. They differentiate themselves through constant innovation, food quality, energy efficiency and reliability.

Vision & Values


To be the premier supplier of regeneration technology to hospitals, long term care facilities and retirement homes.

To provide premier regeneration systems customized to our clients’ unique needs, while offering superior service and technical support. We will enable our business partners to become technological leaders and achieve high performance goals in all aspects of selling and supporting ISECO equipment.


To provide premier regeneration systems customized to our clients’ unique needs, while offering superior service and technical support. We will enable our business partners to become technological leaders and achieve high performance goals in all aspects of selling and supporting ISECO equipment.


Integrity and dedication to excellence through technology, knowledge, teamwork, reliability, dependability, accountability and scalability. To service and respect our clients’ needs through quality initiatives.


Sustainability has always been a leading principle at ISECO. This comes alive in all company aspects: products, technology, buildings and production methods.

ISECO optimalises its production process continuously  to reach a minimum of waste. They use high quality recycled materials for the production. Where plastic is inevitable, they use recycled plastic. Their products have a long life. ISECO thermocontact works with heating plates that are extremely energy efficient, with a minimum of energy use as result.

Carbofresh™ is a natural cooling system, cooling with an almost zero CO2 footprint with 100% recycled CO2. In the 4All Meals concept where the Serelis meal distribution cart is used,  meal waste was reduced from 40% to 2%.